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Devjoin and its networks (including devjoin.in) are not affiliated with, nor do they endorse, any of the Non-Profits, UN, UNDP, or other UN Agencies, Charities, For-Profits, Governments, or Companies listed below, or their jobs, products, or services.

Only jobseekers, advertisers, recruiters, and other site users have access to the information included on this site. These firms, as well as Devjoin, are not responsible for the correctness of these positions, products, or services, nor are they responsible for external links from this website.

Users should take caution when determining the legitimacy of job postings, particularly when an organisation requests any fees or investments as part of the recruitment process. Please do not transmit your bank account information, passport information, or any other sensitive information through email. Before sending your information, make sure the Recruiter and their positions are legitimate.

Be wary of phoney job offers. Never give money in order to apply for or obtain a job. We do not advertise jobs that need candidates to send money.

Please report any suspicious jobs, products, or services, as well as those requesting payment, to support@devjoin.in.