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Consultant - Documentation


Kanya Sampurna Project

Scope of Work | Documenting changes and practices at Anganwadi Centres

Kattumannarkoil, Cuddalore Tamil Nadu


The project:

Kanya Sampurna Project (KSP) is co-developed by CARE India and Titan Company Limited and implemented with the support of a local NGO Partner REAL in Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu .  The Project focuses on building capacities of communities and services provided through a Multi-Sectoral approach and works with six identified age cohorts groups 0 to 3 years, 3 to 6 years, 6 to 14 years, 14 to 16 years, 16 to 18 years and 18+ years.  The project focuses on girl children through specific inputs to children, adolescents girls, and young women through an integrated approach. The approach comprises ‘Best start to life’, ‘Foundational skills’, and ‘Fit to earn’.

Under Best Start to Life component, the project focuses on creating Anganwadi Centre as a vibrant platform to reach pregnant, lactating mothers and new-born babies, and young children that provide basic health and education services. 

For children (in the ages of 0-3 years), the project works with mothers to bring in behavioral changes to ensure so that they take care of themselves better to deliver a healthy baby and adopt appropriate practices – breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices, immunization, and hygienic practices so that the child will be healthy. The comprehensive approach addresses both the health and nutrition needs of the child. The specific inputs given are:

  1. Regular conduct of monthly mothers meeting to educate them on MIYCN, basic pre and post-natal care, hand wash, and hygiene.
  2. Supporting AWWs to sensitize mothers on regular intake and proper utilization of THR; conducting regular conduct of VHS days at the AWC; having tools and expertise to handle the MIYCN sessions in the AWC
  3. Supporting VHNs and AWWs at the sectoral meetings to ensure proper coordination to ensure complete immunization and regular health check-up for pregnant mothers.
  4. Familiarizing AWWs on social mobilization strategies through capacity building initiatives and equipping them with appropriate IEC materials,
  5. Organizing community-level events and organizing meetings for SHG members and demonstration of food preparation at communities and AWCs.
  6. Handholding AWWs on CAS management and carrying out supportive house visits along with the AWWs to support mothers and young children.
  7. Tele counseling services made available to counsel spouses on pre- and post-natal care, nutrition, immunization and health care services resulting in increased awareness on the part of spouses in attending the needs of mother and children.



For children in the age group of 3-6 years, the project works with parents, Anganwadi Workers, Community Action Groups to make development appropriate preschool a priority for each household in the village. Along with, has undertaken the following actions:

  1. Training and handholding support to AWWs on preschool and growth monitoring who have joined in 2017 before the department training.
  2. Supporting the AWWs in conducting parents' meeting at school to seek their support for preschool activities and ensuring regularity and retention of children at preschool activities conducted at AWCs.
  3. Provisioning of materials and TLMS and other stationaries to help AWWs in creating learning corners at the AWWs.
  4. Monthly Handholding sessions by CRPs to support AWWs to transact monthly learning themes, develop materials, and plan preschool activities in alignment with monthly theme prescribed by the ICDS department.
  5. Parents and villagers are acknowledged that AWC is not only for providing noon meals to the children but also to provide early childhood learning opportunities for children before they are commencing formal education.

For building accountability of community towards AWC and its services, the following actions have been taken:

  1. Building Parents’ knowledge and skills to practice immediate initiation of breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding, and continued breastfeeding up to 2 years of age.
  2. Reinforcement of key messages on regular consumption of iron-folic acid tablets and better awareness on hemoglobin levels during pregnancy with pregnant mothers through MIYCN Sessions.
  3. Changes in Complementary feeding practices among lactating mothers and mothers of young children (6-24 months) through project interventions.
  4. Build linkage between Government health units and communities to effective service towards AN care, HP, vaccination and child and maternal care by the KSP
  5. Increased awareness among adolescents and children on Menstrual and WASH at communities, collectives, and schools.

The Scope of consultancy

The project is seeking services of a documentation specialist /resource person to capture qualitative change stories under the ‘’Best Start to the Life” component of the project delivered through Anganwadi Centres, Parents, and Community under the project.  The assignment would like to document the nature of changes brought for different age groups and for various stakeholders. The documentation should focus on the following areas:

Component: 1 Nature of Early Childhood Education at AWCs- Practices, and Processes

  • Safe and stimulating environment at AWCs: Facility level changes brought at AWCs to help AWW in transacting preschool activities and supporting them in developing tools and materials to engage with children on different development domains (language, physical, cognitive, social and emotional)
  • Enhanced Capacities of AWWs to transact preschool curriculum: Changes in knowledge and skill levels of AWW to impart preschool education and assessing what extent CARE training and mentoring help the AWWs to carryout preschool activities using different methods, tools, and materials.
  • Parent and AWC linkages for better child development: How project interventions increase parents’ engagement with AWCs and how the project activities improved perceptions of the community on the services provided by the AWW on preschool front.

Component 2: MIYCN

  • Capacities of AWW on MIYCN:  Improvement in AWWs capacity to conduct sessions on MIYCN at AWCs, weighing process, ensuring the regularity of mothers for a health check-up at the center, and providing dry rations to address malnutrition.
  • Improved access to MIYCN information: Changes in knowledge levels of lactating and pregnant mothers on feeding practices, the importance of regular intake of nutritious food, complying immunization schedules and deworming methods to prevent malnutrition and how various IEC materials developed for the AWWs is helping them in increasing mothers awareness on basic health, nutrition and WASH components.

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